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The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining Google AdSense Approval (2022)

In 2007, I submitted my first AdSense application. Since then, I’ve assisted a lot of individuals in being authorized to show Google Ads in order to generate income. Learn The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining Google AdSense approval in this comprehensive article on .

The most well-liked advertising network for bloggers and website owners is Google AdSense. The simplest approach to monetise your website or blog is definitely through AdSense.

But why do so many applicants for AdSense fail to get accepted? Before moving further with getting your website accepted for AdSense, let’s check out. Sounds fantastic?

Obtaining acceptance to Google AdSense is it difficult?

If you adhere to Google’s standards and understand the fundamentals of how a website company operates, I think it’s not difficult to secure a Google Adsense approval.

The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining Google AdSense Approval

But it’s astonishing to see how many applicants Google AdSense rejects. Numerous people have expressed their displeasure with it to me via email, YouTube videos, and the H-Educate Forum.

The main cause is that they disregarded Google’s guidelines and the caliber of their websites. Prior to enrolling for the AdSense program, it would be beneficial if you also possessed some patience.

Let’s move on to how AdSense functions now that you are aware that it is simple to be authorized for.

Explaining the AdSense Approval Process (2022)

I’ve broken down the entire application procedure for Google AdSense into seven phases. Next, I’ll go into more depth. But let me first describe the procedure to you so you will know what to anticipate.

This is how Google AdSense approves applications:

  1. Google determines if your website qualifies for its program.
  2. Your website is crawled by Googlebot.
  3. Review your application, step three.
  4. Decides whether to accept or reject your application within 1–7 days.
  5.  Include a brief code on the pages of your website above the fold.
  6. Wait a week or two for Google to approve your website.

You’re set if everything goes according to plan! Live advertising will start appearing on your website so that you may start earning money.

Make sure to pick your own nation. And if you have a registered business entity in your nation, decide to open a business account. You cannot modify your country or account type after creating your AdSense account.

Let’s move on to the following section where I’ll give a step-by-step tutorial on how to get your site authorized for Google Adsense now that you are familiar with the complete verification procedure for Google AdSense.

Write a blog post in 10 minutes

How to Quickly Obtain Google AdSense Approval (Step by Step)

I have a good feeling that if you follow my step-by-step instruction, Google AdSense will accept your application. However, if you don’t follow Google’s rules, your application will be rejected.

1/ Take This Action Before Applying for AdSense

Before submitting an application for Google Adsense, you must confirm that your website complies with program requirements.

Before applying for Google AdSense, you need take care of the following:

  • Create standardized pages and posts with distinctive and pertinent information.
  • Add text, pictures, and other elements correctly.
  • Permit readers to comment on your articles.
  • Include pages for terms of use, privacy policies, and about.
  • Place emphasis on usefulness, readability, and alignment.
  • Speed up your website.

Internet surfers are impatient, therefore if your site loads slowly, they won’t stay on it. Your site’s SEO will benefit from increased speed.

This SEO Analyzer may be used to examine the searchability of your website.

Of course, they are not the standards, but they may still be used to inform Google about the quality of your site. Google aims to make sure that its consumers land on useful, functioning, and readable websites.

If your website is powered by WordPress, you can utilize a ton of fantastic plugins to speed it up and enhance user experience. Google values both quick page loads and a pleasant user experience.

2/ Meet the Google AdSense eligibility requirements

As I indicated before, you must first satisfy a certain criteria before enrolling for Google’s program.

The prerequisites for Google Adsense eligibility are as follows:

  • have a minimum age of 18 years.
  • satisfy all requirements for using Google AdSense.
  • Open a Gmail account that is currently operational and not previously connected to an AdSense account.
  • Make sure your website is accessible and doesn’t include any violent, deceptive, or pornographic material. And it doesn’t rely on traffic that is created automatically by bots.
  • must have access to your website’s HTML source code. If you use Blogger, you don’t need to include any code.

Now let me dispel a few misconceptions regarding Google AdSense.

First off, your website doesn’t need to have 30 posts. Second, it’s not necessary for your website to be six months old. But if it is, all the better.

Later on in this post’s tips section, I’ll discuss it. For further details, view the YouTube video series on AdSense site approvals. The next action is to register for Google Adsense.

3/ Sign up for Google AdSense

You are prepared to apply for Google Adsense’s program now that you are fully informed about how it operates. Do you? In order to sign up for Google AdSense, follow these steps:

  • Go to the homepage of Adsense and select “Get Started.”
  • Now access your Gmail account. Additionally, make sure your email address isn’t already linked to an AdSense account.
  • Enter the full needed information, including your website’s URL and email address (which can be different).
  • Select to accept the individualized help and performance recommendations based on your account data.
  • Make sure you live in the nation or area you choose.
  • The AdSense terms and conditions should be read and accepted.
  • Utilize your AdSense account right away.

Is the approval complete? You just applied to the AdSense program, so no, not yet. Your website will now be examined by Google, which will determine if it qualifies for its program or not. Google’s web crawler, Googlebot, searches the internet in order to index websites and pages. It will go to your site to see if it complies with their program guidelines.

4/ Activate your AdSense account just partially.

You still have the option to partly activate your AdSense account while Google evaluates your website. You’ll gain access to a few features in your AdSense account as a result. However, as Google is still examining your application, you won’t be able to utilize all the capabilities.

Follow these procedures to partly activate your account:

  • Visit the Google Adsense homepage after logging into your Gmail account.
  • The “Sign in to AdSense” button must be clicked.
  • For a login, enter your email address and password.
  • Now, under the header menu, click the “Activate Account” button.
  • After finishing all of the instructions on that page, click “Continue to my account.”

The dashboard for your AdSense account will now be displayed to you. You can access some, but not all, of the features of your account.

You’ll receive an email from Google informing you that your website has been inspected and authorized for Google AdSense if it successfully navigates Googlebot’s crawling process.

5/ Begin Displaying Google Ads and Earn Money

The final step is to wait while Google evaluates your website and payment data. You will have full access to your account and be able to use all the features as soon as they have completed that.

The “Payments” option, found in the header menu, allows you to examine your payments and see their current status. Make sure to provide both your phone number and the complete postal address of your bank account.

Additionally, you may enable Auto Advertising so that when your website is prepared, ads will begin to appear. Also, remember to place the code between your site’s and tags.

You are now prepared. Your website will start to display Google advertising, and you’ll start to make money. The amount you make relies on a variety of variables, including traffic and ad clicks.

6/Continue adhering to Google AdSense policies.

If you break their rules, Google may allow your site today and suspend it tomorrow. To guarantee your website is constantly compliant, it is crucial to stay up to date on their policies.

Make sure to keep an eye out for changes to Google’s AdSense program regulations. In their support center, you may access the most recent AdSense program policies.

7 Techniques & Advice for Quick AdSense Approval in 2022

One of the most well-liked and successful ways to monetise your website or blog is through Google AdSense. But it might be difficult to be accepted for Google Adsense, especially for beginners. And there is no question that these tricks and advice will benefit you.

1/Create a website with a clear site structure.

Make sure your website is intuitive to use and well-designed.

High bounce rates might result from poor navigation, which Google dislikes.

Here’s how to correctly structure your website:

Plan your categories carefully.
Clearly marked navigation.
Don’t compete with or duplicate your material.
Update or delete the outdated material.
Boost connecting both internally and externally.
Ensure that your website is mobile-responsive.

Look, Google aims to provide the greatest possible service to its consumers. And you’ll achieve your objectives quickly if you share the mission.

2/Create the following pages: About, Contact, Terms, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer.

These pages are crucial since Google will look at them before evaluating your website. Once more, it’s not necessary! However, having them is beneficial since they demonstrate your concern for both the consumers and the content.

  • Create the privacy page using this tool’s privacy policy generator.
  • And make the Terms of Use page using our Terms Generator tool.
  • On the “About” page of your website, describe the objectives of your site.
  • On the “Contact” page, invite people to get in touch with you with any questions.

3/ Commence publishing top-notch content (At-least 15-30 Posts)

High-quality content is a requirement of the Google Adsense program. Before certifying your site, Google will verify that the material satisfies its quality requirements.

What if your website has very little content?

If there isn’t enough material on your site, Google will probably not approve it. Therefore, before submitting an application for Google Adsense, make sure your website has at least 15 to 30 articles or posts. Once more, it’s not an unbreakable rule!

There is no limit to how many posts you may make! The better, the more content you have. Google adores original, up-to-date material. Therefore, maintain adding fresh content to your website to increase your chances of being approved for Google Adsense.

Additionally, post material while undergoing Google AdSense verification.

Use the following articles I’ve produced to get you started on content creation:

  • How to Post a Blog Quickly in 2022
  • To create articles, do content research.
  • How to Come Up with Content Ideas for the Future of a Year
  • How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas: 10 Proven Techniques

And by content, I mean the unique, well-written material that benefits visitors to your website. For instance, I’ve done my best to provide you with helpful advice and methods to assist you get your website approved for Google AdSense.

4/ Check Google Search Console and Google Analytics to make sure you own the website.

Once more, neither Google Search Console nor Google Analytics ask you to confirm your site ownership. But doing so is a good idea because:

  • You may learn more about how Google views your site using Search Console.
  • Additionally, Analytics makes it possible to monitor visitor activity on your website.

Additionally, you may use the Search Console to ask Google to index the pages of your website. If you have confirmed your site ownership on Search Console, Google is more likely to index your content. It’s only a recommendation and not a mandate, though.

5/Use non-copyrighted images instead.

Of course, it is obvious. Copyrighted photos cannot be used on your website with Google AdSense. Therefore, be sure that every picture you use on your website is either original or licensed under Creative Commons.

Online, there are many free stock photographs that you may use for your website. Here are some places where you may obtain free stock pictures for your blog articles, as an illustration:

  • Photos via :
  • Pexels, 
  • Unsplash, 
  • Canva, 
  • iStock Photo
  • DepositPhotos

The best feature of Canva is the ability to create original images with various components, inscriptions, and other things. Additionally, you may make use of library images.

6/ Wait a little while for your website to mature.

I’m not advocating enrolling your website in a retirement program. However, older websites are better suited for Google Adsense. Why? Because an established website shows that it is built to last or has a track record to support its value.

How old, though, ought to be your website?

It need to be at least six months old, then. After receiving several organic views, submit an application for the program. But once more, the Google AdSense program does not need it.

And I think it’s a chance for you to expand your website through regular content creation.

Google likes to see constant traffic to your website, which is the reason. So it makes sense to hold off on applying for Google Ad till later.

7/ If appropriate, remove other ads from your website.

I am aware that Google has no problem with AdSense and other ad networks being used. However, if people notice several advertisements scattered around your website, they could think it’s spam or that the functionality policy isn’t being followed.

Therefore, I advise you to stop running your advertising on and Ezoic before submitting an application for Google Adsense.

You can reactivate those adverts after Google AdSense has approved your website. Aim to provide more material to your visitors than advertisements. Avoid bombarding people with many, spam-like advertising on your website.

Google AdSense FAQs (2022)

If you stick to the fundamentals, getting accepted for Google AdSense to monetize your website is not a huge issue! You ought to be aware of what you’re getting into. So allow me to respond to a few inquiries concerning the AdSense program right now.

What is AdSense from Google?

With the help of the Google AdSense program, website owners may put Google advertising on their pages and get money when people click on them. Participation in the program requires Google AdSense permission.

How long does it take for AdSense to approve?

No one solution applies to it. Google does not provide a timeline for the AdSense approval process. It can happen in as little as two weeks or 24 hours. Additionally, I think it relies on how well-made your website is.

What kind of earnings are possible with Google AdSense?

68% of the total ad income produced by the AdSense program goes to publishers like you. You might anticipate earning between $0.20 and $15 each click depending on the parameters listed below.

The commissions may be $18 on average for every 1000 pageviews. Your Google AdSense earnings are based on a number of variables, including:

  • the website’s market.
  • the number of views on a page.
  • Location of your website’s servers.
  • visitors to your website who click on adverts.
  • The advertising’ CPC (cost per click). Utilize the CPC table.

How is AdSense’s payment system set up?

Until you achieve the $100 AdSense level, you have the option of receiving payments monthly. Your payments from AdSense are made between the 21st and 26th of every month. Your payments are being processed, as you can see on the ‘Transactions’ tab.

What are the best alternatives to Google AdSense?

You could explore for alternatives if your website wasn’t accepted for Google AdSense. Recognize, nevertheless, that each ad network has guidelines you must adhere to.

The following are some of the most well-liked Google AdSense substitutes used by bloggers and website owners:

  • Ezoic (my preferred app because of its simplicity for beginners)
  • Infolinks
  • Bidvertiser
  • PropellerAds
  • Adversal
  • Chitika
  • Skimlinks
  • Monumetric
  • InfoLinks
  • Adsterra\sBidvertiser
  • BuySellAds
  • AdClickMedia
  • The contextual ads program at Kontera
  • Native Amazon Shopping Ads

The list goes on and on! Alternately, you might sign up for an affiliate scheme to monetize the commercial material on your website.

How can I get Google AdSense approved for my WordPress site?

There are no additional restrictions for WordPress sites from Google AdSense. Therefore, the procedure is the same as it would be for any other kind of website. You must be at least 18 years old, and your website has to have original material and a clear structure.

And to add the AdSense code, you may either use a plugin or put your code in the Custom HTML widget in your WordPress dashboard’s Appearance section.

How can I install Google AdSense on my blog?

You won’t need to paste any code there because Blogger is a Google product. To start earning from your blog, go to “Earnings” and then register for an AdSense account.

Too long; failed to read. This is a summary:

You may show Google adverts on your website with the help of the Google AdSense program. In this manner, both Google and you may profit from clicks.

Your website must be accepted by Google in order to participate in AdSense. It often takes a few days to get permission, but it might take up to two weeks. You just need to abide by Google’s policies and the instructions provided in this page.

Your AdSense earnings are influenced by a number of variables, including your specialty, page visits, and CPC. I wish Google would approve your site for AdSense so you could start earning money from it!

If you have any issues concerning AdSense please contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you!

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