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How to Quickly Write a Blog Post Using AI in 10 Minutes (2022)

You might not have the time to sit down and blog every day if you’re a busy digital marketer. Additionally, you lack the funds to hire writers.No need to worry; in only 10 minutes, I’ll teach you How to Quickly Write a Blog Post Using AI in 10 Minutes.

And if you spend a little bit more time than simply 10 minutes, AI can produce high-quality content.Tools and software for creating blogs using AI are now intelligent enough to assist you throughout the process.

You only need to concentrate on the plan and the concepts; the AI will handle the rest. Let me first offer you a free AI-generated article.

How to Quickly Write a Blog Post Using AI in 2022

This video will show you How to Quickly Write a Blog Post Using AI in 10 Minutes if you don’t want to pay money on such technologies.

How to Quickly Write a Blog Post Using AI in 10 Minutes

You just need to adhere to following instructions:

To assist you in getting going quickly, I developed these AI content production tools on H-Supertools. For high-quality material, you might wish to upgrade to premium AI tools like Jasper, nicknamed Jarvis, as you advance in your career.

Top Artificial Intelligence Writing Tools to Speed Up Blog Post Writing

The GPT-3 technology supports the majority of AI authoring tools. Additionally, you may utilize it without purchasing a costly software subscription. However, you will then need to concentrate on a variety of tasks, including design and research.

While software providers enhance GPT-3 with new features to speed up article generation, it’s crucial to choose the finest AI blog post generator to assist you with everything.

Here are a few of the best blog writing AI tools:

  • Rytr is a simple AI authoring tool.
  • All-purpose AI writing assistance named Jasper.
  • AI copywriting software is called CopyAI.
  • AI Article Generator at Article Forge.
  • AI Text Editing Solution: INK Editor.
  • AI content toolbox: SEO Content Machine.

take charge of a top-notch piece of content regardless of the AI content production technology you use. You are the driver of the AI tools, which are like vehicles. You will be the one to operate the automobile, not anybody else.

Otherwise, they will produce poor-quality material.

Since Jarvis, also known as Jasper AI, provides an all-in-one content production solution, it is my favorite. Jasper handles everything, from blog updates to social media material. And in my experience, it creates the finest stuff.

Jasper will produce a blog article using AI in 10 minutes or less, therefore I’ll stick with him.

Free Email Validation

How to Quickly Write a Blog Post Using Jasper AI (2022)

Because it provides an all-in-one solution, Jasper is my favorite AI content production tool. You can use it to create material for social media, emails, and more; it’s not just an AI blog writer.

You must adhere to these easy procedures in order to use Jasper AI to write a blog post:

1/ Purchase Jasper AI and choose Boss Mode

Long-form material often includes blog posts and articles. You must choose the Boss Mode, which starts at $59 a month, in order to take use of it. If you think that’s a lot, consider how much it would cost to hire a real writer.

Do you have any questions concerning the distinctions between the Starter plan and Boss Mode?

Starter Plan for Jasper

  • beginning at $29 per month for up to 20K words.
  • Availability Of 20+ Languages
  • Over 50 AI templates
  • Maximum 5 Users

Boss Mode Jasper

  • beginning at $59 per month for up to 50K words.
  • Feature Compose & Command
  • Templates in Google Docs Style Editor were increased

Additionally, a 5-day, 100% money-back guarantee is included with both of these Jasper options. It demonstrates the company’s confidence in the quality of its AI content.

2/ Conduct keyword research and SERP analysis

The secret to crafting a blog article that will rank on Google is conducting keyword research and SERPs analysis. To focus on the appropriate ones, you may utilize some of the greatest keyword research tools. However, allow me to give my top three picks:

  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • Tool for Free Keyword Research
  • Best Tools for Keyword Research

Moreover, look through SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to get a sense of the material that is ranking for your topic. This is how you do it:

  • Enter Google with the main keyword you wish to write about.
  • Look at the top pages for your term.
  • And look for those terms in the auto-suggest.

You should now be aware of the material you must create for your blog article. Now that you’re in charge, your AI writing assistance will report to you. The content for your blog article ought to rock and roll.

3/ Use the Blog Post Workflow or Run the Jasper Recipe for Blog Posts

You can write anything using the pre-configured content pipelines called Jasper recipes. They are simple to use as well. Simply fill out the forms to begin writing with AI.

There are two ways to quickly write a blog post using AI on Jasper:

  • Recipe Posting With Jasper AI 
  • Or Workflow Posting

The latter appeals to me more because of the flexibility it provides. And you may continuously edit your material. This is how it appears:

However, you may utilize the blog post recipe to employ Jasper AI to create a blog post in 10 minutes. You can write an SEO-friendly blog post with it that will rank on Google because it has all the necessary content building blocks.

This is how it goes:

  • Open the recipe for the AI blog postings.
  • Run it.
  • And follow along the road.

However, you may only use the recipes once you have completed all the other writing tasks, including the titles, introduction, subheadings, and conclusion. Let’s take action now.

4/ Come up with titles for your blog posts

Making a headline for your blog article should thus be your first step. Jasper will help you by writing a few for you, but you must come up with at least one.

Hit the produce button after entering your main keyword to create a generic post title using AI. Or you may use the CTRL+J shortcut on other devices and the CMD+J key on MacBooks.

Analyzer for Sharetrough Headlines
I’m done now. Within seconds, you’ll receive a selection of concepts that you may choose from or modify to increase clickthrough rates. For your blog article, you must create a catchy headline.

These headline checkers can help you choose which title is the best.

  • H-Supertools Subject Line Tester
  • CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer
  • Sharethrough’s Headline Analyzer

Jasper will instruct you to create an introduction for your AI blog post when you select a title for it.

5/ Create an introduction paragraph to make your writing easier for Jasper to understand.

For Jasper AI to better grasp your writing and other factors, you must compose an introductory paragraph. However, you may use: if you wish to bypass this step for quick results.

  • H-Supertools Free AI Content Generator 
  • Jasper Blog Post Intro Template

In one of these tools, type the title of your blog article. Now choose one of the three paragraphs produced by AI. You can use it as is or modify it to suit your requirements. Such a paragraph teaches Jasper to produce high-quality material.

6/ Create a blog post outline using Jasper AI Power Mode.

Jasper Blog Post Editor has two modes: Focus Mode (Main ground play for AI content) and Power Mode (Choose the templates library quickly). Here’s how to create an outline for your blog post’s subheadings:

  • Then select “Power Mode” (folder icon)
  • Select or look for the template labeled “Blog Post Outline.”
  • Type your topic or title here.
  • Set your tone of writing
  • Furthermore, press the “Generate AI Content” button.

In a matter of seconds, Jasper will create three outlines for your blog article. Additionally, you may select one as-is or modify it to make it pertinent to your requirements.

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