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Free Email Validation & Software: Top 13 Tools (2022)

Cleaning your list is essential as part of any email marketing plan. However, you might not enjoy the thought of spending money to clear your list when you first start off. Because of this, I’ve developed the best free email validation tools and software to eliminate spam from your list.

The most efficient approach to maintain a good return on investment is to clean up your email list. Additionally, it’s a great approach to maintain attention on your clients or prospects. The unwanted connections are uncomfortable and unhelpful for the business.

On the list, several of the email checkers are no longer free. However, they are really valuable, so you might wish to get an email verification tool later. Let’s begin the list right now.

Free Email Validation & Software: Top 13 Tools

Free Email Validation & Software

For the record, providing this list of email verification checkers does not result in me receiving any affiliate commissions. It is the sole outcome of my extensive research and experience. Let’s start with my H-Supertools‘ email verifier.

1. H-Supertools Email Validation Tool, Version

You must be aware if you have spent any time at all on H-Educate that I am the owner of H-Supertools. Additionally, the website provides a web app for email validation. However, it is not the reason I have it on my list. The fact that the email validator from H-Supertools is absolutely free is the only reason to use it.

Precision & Daily Limit
Additionally, the instrument provides accuracy of up to 98%, which is extraordinarily high. All you have to do to confirm is make an account on H-Supertools and input your emails. Within a few minutes, the validation results will appear on the right side.
Any email address housed on any domain may be verified. For years to come, you can authenticate up to 200 emails every day with no further fees. But if you want to validate your email list in mass, use H-services. Educate’s

Restrictions & Privacy

However, it does not put the anti-spam procedures to the test; it just verifies the existence of the recipient’s email address. Additionally, it doesn’t provide in-depth reports. Regarding privacy, H-Supertools complies with GDPR and does not utilize any of your personal data.

2. The Free Email Verification Tool from Verifalia

You may verify whether or not your email address is authentic with this free tool and software. The tool verifies that the mailbox is real and that the user is authorized to receive emails. Verifalia provides comprehensive replies without ever sending an email. That’s fantastic.
How does it function? After entering your email address and verifying that you are not a robot, click the “Validate” button. The report informs you of the deliverability and validity of the email. Additionally, it verifies the email address’s syntactic validity. The tool also verifies whether:

  • The address is not offered by a reputable distributor of disposable email addresses (DEA).
  • This email address does not appear to be affiliated with a reputable free email service.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a honeypot concealed behind the test email address.
  • It is possible to get in touch with the email address domain’s mail exchanger.
  • Messages sent to the test email address can be received by the mail exchanger in charge of the domain of the email address.

Without a question, that is a fairly thorough report. Now let’s examine its drawbacks. First, only one email address may be verified at a time. Validating a full list of 1000 or more email addresses will take a long time. However, creating an account with Verifalia may enable you to validate a large number of emails.

3. DeBounce – A High-End Email Validation Tool

You must utilize DeBounce if you’re seeking for a comprehensive email validation solution. Without a doubt, it’s easy, quick, and accurate. Additionally, there won’t be any spam, bouncing, or disposal on your end.

Let me present you to all the useful advantages DeBounce offers you:

  • Eliminate hard and incorrect email addresses to reduce bounces.
  • Verify whether or not an email address is real.
  • Find catch-all domains to make sure that each email address is legitimate.
  • Eliminate the email addresses with grammar mistakes.
  • Utilize anti-greylisting technology by emulating an email engine with the proper configuration
  • Eliminate any and all duplicate email addresses.
  • Check the validity of each email address on your platform.
  • Become spam-free thanks to the system’s intelligent indications.
  • Verify the validity of the domain and MX records.

DeBounce is one of the greatest email validation solutions currently on the market, as you can see. It offers everything you require to increase the return on investment of your email marketing activities. Additionally, you may only add one DeBounce account to your squad.

All you have to do is submit your email list in TXT format, then sit back and wait for DeBounce to do its thing. Download your clean list of email addresses later on. It simply takes a little while. And you’re better prepared than ever to deliver your emails.

If you want to start off strong, pick DeBounce email validation features. But if all you need is a free email checker, I’ve got you covered. And that takes me to the free tool from NeverBounce. Let’s get started straight now.

4. Free Email Checker from NeverBounce

Use the verification tool provided by NeverBounce to confirm that an email address is legitimate and that the intended recipient will get your message. It provides free aid validating up to 10 email addresses. You can then wish to improve your services.

Once you’ve checked 10 email addresses for free, NeverBounce will charge you $0.008 for up to 10,000 checks. The cost decreases as your list grows. You will pay $0.005 for, say, checking 100,000 email addresses.

You should get pricing from NeverBounce if your address list is more than one million. The incredibly adaptable pricing structure is something I like. A bulk discount is also provided by the business. The duplicate email addresses or ones with poor grammar are not even charged.

With all these capabilities and a straightforward pricing structure, NeverBounce’s email validation is almost free. It takes between 2 and 10 minutes to go through 10,000 emails. Additionally, you may always try out a tool before paying for it.

5. Free Email Validation Software from ZeroBounce

Any email address may be verified with ZeroBounce’s free email verification tool. The tool takes pride in having a quick email validation system. Simply input any email address and press the yellow “Verify” button to proceed. You may use the tool to find out how your email address is doing.

The program also provides you with the recipient’s first and last name if there is enough information at ZeroBounce to do so. This program advertises itself as more than simply an email address validator because of this. Only 100 email addresses can be checked for free each month.

However, you must spend a little bit more money if you want to bulk-validate your email list. For instance, verifying up to 2000 email addresses costs $0.008. The fee for 200,000 email checks rises to $0.001525.

The credits in the email validator from ZeroBounce never run out. It implies that if you utilize any credits you have purchased, they will expire. The tool provides thorough analysis of your email list and 24/7 support.

6. Free Email Validation Checker from Bounce

One of the easiest validation tools to validate a single email is the free email validation checker from Bounce. Additionally, it merely informs you of the existence of an email address rather than providing a comprehensive report. It is useful, quick, and accurate.

Do you wish to verify a large number of email addresses? Then you might want to check out Bounce’s premium validation tool. 100 free email verification credits are also available. And the tool claims that the results are 99.5% accurate.

The email validator from Bounce is what you need if you want a solution that allows you to try it out beforehand. On the website, you can quickly and without charge register an account. Your email list’s deliverability is indicated by the tool.

The app’s drag-and-drop capability enables you to validate your email list of 250K contacts. Additionally, it provides bounce estimations, which use a clever algorithm to tidy up your list. And because Bounce complies with GDPR, you can trust it. We now have a second email validation tool for you.

7. Software for EmailListValidation’s Verification

Although doesn’t actually provide a free plan for life, you may test the service out for as little as $0.0009 per email. If you want complete email validation services, go for it. The technology boosts ROI, protects your contacts, and keeps ESPs from blocking you.

Thanks to the email list validation, your purchased credits never expire. And the price structure’s attractiveness lies in this. There are no ongoing costs because you pay for things as you go. However, I must reiterate that it is not at all free.

8. Email Address Validation Tool from EmailListVerify

You may examine the status of your email addresses with the use of EmailListVerify’s free email validation tools. It also lets you know whether it’s been banned. You may use the MX Lookup to verify the DNS MX records for the domain that sends emails. These resources are all free.

However, you must purchase EmailListVerify’s “pay as you go” or monthly subscription if you want professional-grade email validation. For its cost, you must pay as little as $0.0003 every email reviewed with 10,000,000 emails. 1000 emails cost $4 and are priced at $0.004 each.

Additionally, if you choose a monthly membership, you may check 5000 emails each day for $139. The most expensive monthly package is $989 and allows for the daily sending of more than 100,000 emails. You can trust the business since it is trusted by MailChimp, Shopify, and other organizations.

9. Free Email Validation & Verification Software from ClearOut

ClearOut’s business model is simple: pay for validating bulk emails, but use free services for individual ones. Yes, you may test the effectiveness of ClearOut’s email verification tool without paying if you just need to verify a small portion of the email list.

The free email checker informs you if an email address is legitimate and secure for sending emails. Furthermore, it verifies if the email account is free or paid. But have a look at ClearOut’s pricing levels if you want a comprehensive report on your email list.

10. The Email Verification Tool from Emailable

Without a doubt, Emailable offers a fantastic email validation tool. The business gives you 250 free credits so you may try out their tool. It implies that you may verify 250 emails before paying for the services.

The cost is determined on how many emails you need to check. For $20, for instance, you could examine 5000 emails. Emails cost $0.004 each. And the price drops to $0.0009 per email once you reach 2,500,000 email addresses.

Best Free Email Validation Tool, Top Recommendation

The majority of email verification programs available on the market today are not at all free. For authenticating a single or a few email addresses, they are free. But the H-Supertools’ email validator is always free.

Even if you wish to check a large number of email addresses, this application is ideal. To get started, simply create a free account at H-Supertools. For in-depth reports, you might wish to spend more money on a subscription product. Which email confirmation app is your favorite?

Tell me in the comments section below.

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